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Music Production




Course Overview

Course Duration- 6 Months

Fees- 80,000/-

Course structure:

  • Introduction to Sound.
  • Role of a Music Director.
  • Types of Sound textures.
  • Introduction of Indo-Western Music Fraternity.
  • Recording procedures.
  • Layout on the best contributions made by most acclaimed Music Directors.
  • Different types of Instruments and their usage.
  • Basics on how to play few Indo- Western Instruments (Synthesizer, Guitar, Harmonium, Table, Drums, etc).
  • Basics of Composing I Musical themes.
  • Basics of Composing II includes knowledge of different genres of musical trends folk music, western music, light music, etc. .
  • Preparation of Track Sheet(s) & Parts.
  • Basic of Computer Based Recording & Software.
  • Basics Patterns of Indo-Western Rhythms & Beats.
  • Basics of Sound Designing.
  • Acoustic and Synthetic Sounds.
  • Basic of Studio Equipments.
  • Recording 1.0 Mono/Stereo track recording at Live Studio.
  • Basics of Composing III How to use composite sounds and composing multichannel tracks.
  • Digital vs Analog Formats
  • Basic explanation of the music business, copyright laws, and a lot more.
  • Basics of Composing IV- Understanding Vocals Solo, Duet, Chorus, Harmonization, Contras, Scale, Chord Progressions etc.
  • Basics of Indian & Western Orchestration.
  • Basics of Music Sequencing & Feeding.
  • Basic on MIDI Programming.
  • How to Read and Write Notations (Western & Indian).
  • Basics of Editing on Software.
  • Basics of Balancing.
  • Basics of Mixing.
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